Recon Casino Database Marketing Software | Leverage Key Player Data

Flip the switch on your data.

Designed by casino database marketers, for casino database marketers, RECON allows you to leverage your precious info with razor-sharp precision and get the right message — and the right offer — to the right person. Every time, in no time. You've never seen anything so user-friendly. And budget-friendly.

But wait. There's more.

Introducing the RECON Database Marketing Suite: RECON mail, RECON email, and RECON mobile

The RECON Suite organizes all player data — whether from mobile, email or direct mail — and creates multiple programs from a single source. You can segment and report on sophisticated direct marketing programs like never before. Deploy targeted offers in an instant. Create cost-effective programs on email and mobile that compliment your direct mail programs. Whether it's monthly loyalty news, a bounce-back incentive or a reactivation offer, you can respond more quickly and efficiently, collapsing the space between you and your guest.

Face it. The future of marketing is already headed in this data-driven direction. Get ahead of the competition with the RECON Suite.

Get timely, tailored messages into the hands of your guests, in real time, 24/7

Get razor-sharp data, in the blink of an eye. Test and retest, at a fraction of the price of printing. Then get that individually-tailored message to the right player at the right time, serving them the smartest offer, exactly when and where they'd appreciate it most. Wherever they are — including your competitor's parking lot — you can send them incentives in real time.

The smartest data in. The best offer out. Snip, snap.

Sending targeted emails is now leaps and bounds better. Literally. Because now you can leap over pulling that list, verifying, testing and deploying. RECON email does it all for you, triggering as it goes, so your guest receives the ideal email offer in the right place at the right time. What's more, you can automate emails based on things like threshold loss or win, club sign ups, and geo-fence crossings. And this is all without you lifting a finger.

Say goodbye to the heavy lifting.

With RECON direct mail, all that time-consuming data mining evaporates. Now you can schedule, replicate, and move on to more strategic thinking. Because once you set it up, that birthday project or tier upgrade will happen every month. Not only does RECON segment, analyze and report for you, it also delivers all the files necessary to set that print campaign into action. Talk about a time and money savings. And this is all without you lifting a finger.

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All that data, made useful

You don't have to dig into a bottomless pit of endless data possibilities. All your data is instantly useful — and manageable.

Get your time back.

Spending hours sifting through, comparing, and interpreting data will be a thing of the past. With RECON, you have access to seamless data solutions, maximizing your time spent at work.

Explore scenarios with the click of a button.

What used to take you a month will be done before lunch. Getting the right offers to the right people is easy, and so is making incremental changes on the fly.

Access it from anywhere.

On any device — at any time. RECON is web-based and as secure as your bank account, so you can stay organized and stress-free, even when you're out of the office.

Fits within any capital expenditure or advertising budget.

It's fast. It's easy. And it generally pays for itself within six months, saving you time and money — isn't that worth exploring?


RECON allows us to maintain a competitive mail program and keeps us from outsourcing data analysis. I'm willing to bet we spend 1/10th as much as our competition and can turn campaigns around very efficiently. Does that make us smarter? I think so.

Jamie Williams-Buck, Marketing Director St. Croix Casinos

Our Casino revenue numbers were up every month versus the previous year. Getting the right offers to the right players makes all the difference. Anything short of that is just plain silly. Know your players, and then reward them according to their worth. It's really a simple thing.

Robert Pokorney, General Manager Legendary Waters Casino

Case Studies

Western Casino

theo year over year

204% One Month Increase

for month of May

Upper Midwest Casino

increased theo

43% over a
3 month period

Midwestern Casino

More Than Doubled

theo year over year


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